Vehicle Wrapping West Midlands are very proud to be able to show the green credential for all vehicle wraps and wall graphics. Our printers are eco friendly, and also have no harmful smell unlike solvent printers which omit a strong smell.

Our printers are absolutly perfect for both internal wall graphics at exhibitions, schools and work places, as well as having the long lasting effect of waterbased inks making your graphics last for longer.

The main advantage over solvent printers is that there are no banding lines in any of our prints as the ink is allowed to merge on the media before drying off. Solvent printers have to print in direct lines and use different dither patterns to lay the inks, which can lead to lines in the print.

Unlike solvent printers, Our prints can come straight off the printer and do not need to out gas like conventional solvent printers ( Leaving prints for up to 24Hrs), which means faster delivery times, lower price on finished items,


Below you will find all information about the HP latex printers we have and also our state of the art vinyl cutters.


HP Latex 310 Printers
Meet high quality standards at high speed

Take advantage of third-generation HP Latex Printing Technologies
Water-based HP Latex Inks combine the best characteristics of solvent inks and water-based inks. With HP Latex Inks, you can obtain outdoor durability and versatility across all common media types used in sign and display applications, together with high-quality, odourless prints, low maintenance, and health advantages—even over eco-solvent inks. HP Latex printing with the HP Latex 310 Printer can generate higher profit than eco-solvent—gain all the advantages of HP Latex printing, including wider application versatility with a single printer and prints that come out completely dry, allowing same-day delivery. Buy in at an affordable price, and see how you can keep your running costs low. The HP Latex 310 Printer features a number of significant innovations that take you beyond the limits of eco-solvent printing, creating new opportunities to expand your business.

Beating Clients expectations:
Print on traditional signage substrates and beyond—up to 54 inches—print textiles with the ink collector
Produce sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high efficiency curing, 6 colours, and 1200 dpi.
Reach production speeds and avoid wait time—prints come out completely dry and ready to fit onsite at WrapKings
Deliver with confidence—outdoor prints last up to 7 years laminated, 3 years unlaminated
Minimize damage risk—scratch resistance is comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner
Colour consistency – Print panels or tiles with excellent colour consistency for an edge-to-edge match

Build a healthier environment, inside and out:
Water-based HP Latex Inks enable a healthier approach to signage/wrap printing with advantages from the work zone to the point-of-display of finished prints
UL ECOLOGO® Certified HP Latex Inks meet a range of stringent human health criteria
Healthier printing with HP Latex—no special ventilation, no hazard warning labels or HAPs, nickel free
This ENERGY STAR Certified printer meets strict energy efficiency guidelines and is EPEAT registered
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Summa Vinyl Cutters

Where performance meets value

It’s no wonder why SummaCut is one of the most popular series of vinyl cutters ever built. By combining world renowned craftsmanship with real-world affordability, Summa managed to create a top-of-the-line cutter series that tops all other competitors.